How to Refer Patients for Outpatient Elastomeric Infusors

PureIV works with a range of providers, including public and private hospitals, home nursing service providers, ID physicians, hospital discharge planners, GPs and specialists, self-referrers and family members.

Communication with everyone involved in patient care is ongoing.

We have an online portal that allows care providers to easily track and manage their patients, providing an easy-to-use one-stop access point. A link to the portal is here: Client Login

We compound antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals into a number of devices and forms, including elastomeric infusors, admixture bags or pre-filled syringes.

To Make a Referral:

  • Call – 08 6333 1892

  • Fax – 08 6333 1894

  • Email –

You can also download the elastomeric order form here:

PureIV Elastomeric Form PDF

We look forward to hearing from you.